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How To Knit Baby Booties

In this article we suggest you a detailed masterclass on knitting of booties with step photos and description. Even starting craftswomen will be able to knit such a little thing as baby booties, and our detailed lesson will help them here.

Booties On Two Needles

You will need:

  • Thin yarn with content of the 50% of wool of two tints (darker and lighter);
  • Needles No. 3,5;
  • Needle and light threads matching the yarn;
  • Scissors;
  • Crochet No. 2,5.

Make 22 stitches with the help of two needles. As usual, remove the first stitch, knit stitches, the last edge should be made in purls. This will make a neat and even edge of the workpiece.

And some options are possible further. You can knit in garter stitch. It means, all the rows will be made only with knit stitches. The knitted fabric is made in this way in the suggested master class. One can use a stocking stitch, alternating a row of knit stitches with a row of purl stitches. Everything will depend on your fantasy here. In total, 62 rows must be knitted.

The covering of the first 8 stitches will be the next step. It is made similarly to the way of stitches` covering in the end of a knitting. It is done in the following way: remove the first stitch, knit the first two stitches as one knit stitch. There is 1 stitch on the right needle. Shift it on the left needle and again knit 2 stitches together as a knit stitch. Shift it again from the right needle to the left one, etc., do this until you cover the necessary number of stitches.

Cut off the thread having left approximately 3 cm, attach the yarn of dark color to this little tail. Now, knit 4 rows with dark threads as follows: the first row- in knit stitches, the second row– in purl stitches, the third row– in knit stitches, the fourth – in purl stitches. Attach the dark thread and start to knit 4 rows with light yarn. Knit the first two rows in knit stitches, the third - in purl stitches, the fourth – in knit stitches. Following this algorithm, make 7 light and 8 dark stripes. The last will be the stripe of the dark tint yarn. The stuff for 1 booty is ready. Just cut off tails of threads beautifully and carefully.

Double it face to face, the beginning of the dark yarn will serve as the bend place. Make the side seam. Turn it to the face, that is what must be got. Now, we need the thread, which started the knitting. Use it to draw tight the booty toe. Use the crochet to pass it to the place, where the light knitted fabric meets with the dark stripes (see the photo). The thread comes out near the top of the dark first stripe.

Pass the thread with the help of the crochet through all extreme stripes` stitches. Draw tight the thread. We got the top of the booty toe. Likewise, draw tight the bottom part as well. To do this, use the needle with a thread. Do not tear off the thread, sew with it a part of the extreme fabric`s stitches together. It will be a transition of the sole from the toe to a heel. Create the heel so as the toe, having passed through the extreme stitches of the fabric and having drawn them in a circle.

That is what must be got. You just need to knit the second baby booty.


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