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How To Draw The Simpsons

In this lesson, we’ll draw the Simpsons family: Homer, his wife Marge, his children: Bart, Liza and a small baby Maggie. How to draw the Simpsons step-by-step with a pencil.

Since the father is the main member of the family, we’ll draw Homer Simpson first. Firstly, draw a circle – eye, then, nose, the second eye and pupils. Then, draw the area of the mouth and head.

Then, draw 2 hairs on Homer’s back of the head. One more hair should be near ear. Draw neck and the collar area.

In the place where there is an area of the belly, you may draw a circle. You may draw a shirt and pants right away. Keep in mind that the belly and the back area are protuberant.

Draw hands, arms, boots. Erase unnecessary lines and the picture of Homer Simpson is ready.

His wife will be the second person that we’ll draw. She is shorter than he. However, due to her hairdo she turns out to be higher. Still, her forehead is on the level of his nose.

So, let’s start drawing. First we draw the eyes. We do it the same way. Firstly, one eye that’s looking at us. It should be round. Then, draw the nose and the second eye. Then, pupils, lips, neck, ear and eyelashes. Mark the area of hair with dots.

Draw the dress approximately. Then, draw legs, hands and arms.

Now, we draw a string of beads and the hairdo. Erase unnecessary lines.

The third person we’ll draw here will be Bart Simpson – the son of Homer and Marge. He is twice shorter than his parents. However, his face is of the same size as his mother’s face.

We draw eyes and nose. As we have already said, then, we draw lips, hair, neck, shirt and shorts.

Draw his legs, hands and arms. Erase the lines that you won’t need anymore.

Liza will be the 4th person to be drawn. She is a bit shorter than Bart.

The order of drawing the face is the same as in case of other members of the family. However, we need to mark the area of hair with the help of dots in a circle-like way. Then, we connect them with a zigzag. We draw the dress.

The bottom area of her dress we also draw with a zigzag. We draw legs, hands, arms and a string of beads.

The Simpsons’ daughter is ready.

Finally, we start working on the smallest member of the family. This is a one-year old Maggie.

Draw eyes, nose, a dummy, hair (zigzag-like), face and a bow on her forehead.

Then, we draw pajamas, hands and arms.

A baby Maggie Simpson is ready.


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