Lucia Guzman

How To Draw A Unicorn

Step 1. Sketches the circles to draw the head, corpus and legs. Draw lines between the circles to connect.

Step 2. Dra the eyes for the unicorn. Don’t forget about the the horse’s creast. Run the contours of its corpus and its front legs. Outline the horsetail. It’s one of the prominent features.

Step 3. Get a line (vertical and slightly curved) on the forehead of the horse. Outline the corpus with thicker lines to make it distinctive and look more splended. Add more strokes to the crest and horsetail making them look prettier and luxurous.

Step 4. Retouch the horn and add more details to other body parts. The horse crest should be showy it seems like it is the animal princess and she should look like a real princess.

Step 5. Add more details to lower part of the legs. Add in hooves – it needs them to travel and run long distances. It cannot do without hooves.

And the final step. Finish drawing a deep black eye on the one side and add more shadows. You know, shadows ad more reality and expressiveness to any drawing. Now, your unicorn is ready to get congratulations.


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