Chloe Jackson

How To Draw Princess Celestia

Step 1. Let’s start drawing princess Celestia. Will draw the head first. In order to do it we draw a circle. We recommend you taking A4 sheet of paper since it’s not a small picture and there will be lots of tiny details. Take a pencil. It’s better be an HB pencil. We draw the orienting lines pressing the pencil a bit. We draw a circle and a straight line. Look at the original picture and define the size of the head. The circle should not be very big. Otherwise, you won’t be able to draw the whole picture of the princess on the sheet. The straight line defines the direction and location of the eyes.

Step 2. We draw the forehead, mouth and a snub nose of the princess. We copy them from the picture. We do not press the pencil too much. We use eraser a lot striving for achieving the necessary result. Then, we go on drawing the horn. It’s long. It’s approximately the size of her head taken twice. Then, we draw the outline of an eye. In order to do it we draw a circle. We’ll go on drawing from this circle. This way it is easier than if you draw the whole eye at once. Then, we erase the circle since we don’t need it anymore.

Step 3. We draw the eye of princess Celestia. We draw the eyelashes (we make them long) and, then, the pupil. Click the picture in order to see everything better instead of squinting eyes.

Step 4. We draw an ear (the one that sticks out from behind of the head), neck and body. Once you have drawn everything, erase the orienting lines. You don’t need them anymore.

Step 5. We draw the crown. We draw it the way we see it.

Step 6. We draw her beautiful hair that uncurls because of the wind. You may draw a shock of hair if you like.

Step 7. We take an eraser and erase the criss – crossed lines, the ones that are shown on the picture. We don’t need them. The lines and the way your picture should look are marked with red colour. Once everything is erased, we draw the nostril. We marked it with blue colour for you so that you don’t forget about it.

Step 8. We draw legs, feet (hooves) of princess Celestia. Do not forget about the size of the picture (scale). The length of the legs and feet is approximately the same as the one starting from the lower part of the body and to the crown.

Step 9. We draw the necklace and the wing. We erase unnecessary lines.

Step 10. We draw the tail.

Step 11. We draw the mark on her hip, decorate the hooves, crown and the necklace.

Step 12. We take what we have at hand, colourful pencils, felt pens, watercolour paint or gouache paint and colour the picture.


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