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How To Draw Princess Jasmine

25 June 2016
Allison Baker
Allison Baker

Step 1. First you need to mark the location of parts of the body. Build a frame.

Step 2. Now we outline our frame: hands, hair, pants and shoes.

Step 3. Further we draw the face: eyes, eyebrows, a nose and lips.

Step 4. Add the clothes. Draw a blouse, a belt and slings.

Step 5. Elaborate the hands.

Step 6. Erase already unnecessary auxiliary frame lines.

Step 7. Add decorations: earrings, necklace, hair clips.

Step 8. Erase the unnecessary lines of the face and neck behind earrings and hands behind the slings of a blouse. That’s it! Our Jasmine is ready! It remains to paint her as you please.