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How To Glaze Furniture

Glazing is a process of covering a wooden surface with a colourful glaze. This way you make the wood look older. This technique is better used on the furniture that has carvings, volume details and rather “troublesome” parts. Non-colourful glaze is sold at the paint department of the majority of household’s stores. Use the following technique in order to make your furniture look rather antique.

Glazing Furniture

1. Choose an item of furniture that you would like to change. You’d better glaze the furniture that looks old, that has cracks, carvings or other details. Do not choose flat, modern items of furniture.

2. Decide whether you want to polish the surface of the item beforehand. By polishing it, you will prepare it for painting. However, this process removes some old and “troublesome” parts of the item.

3. Clearcole the surface before covering it with paint. Thus, your item will have a long-lasting basic layer. You may buy an aerosol clearcole or a liquid one.

4. Paint the item. In order to do it you may choose white, ivory, brown, blue or any other light colour. Glaze will always be darker and you should make sure that it will be pointed out impressively.

5. Mix the glaze. There are 2 ways to do it: You may ask an assistant at a store to mix it with the colour you’ve chosen or you may do it yourself. Choose a dark colour for colouring the glaze – black, brown, dark red or dark blue.

6. Dip a paintbrush into the glaze. Paint small parts of the item at once so that to manage finishing your work before the glaze dries.

7. Wipe the surface you’ve treated with a wet rag or wet wipes for children. Use old rags for that if you want to make your item of furniture look dirty or if you covered it with too much glaze and it’s too hard to rub it out till the basic colour. You need to use wet wipes for children if you wish to remove as much glaze from the surface of the item as possible.

8. Go on covering the item with glaze in small parts. When you finish working, put the item aside till morning comes. Have a look at the surface of the furniture once again in the morning. If it is necessary to make some parts of the item darker, add more glaze on them.

9. Cover the item with a layer of sealant. You do it by spraying it. In order to make the glaze last longer it is recommended to cover it with 2 more layers to get it protected.


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