Callie Pierce

How To Draw A Head

Drawing the head of a person is easier than drawing his profile plan. So, below, you may find recommendations on the topic “How to draw the head of a person in a profile plan”. Follow our recommendations.

The Person Looks Forward

1. Start with drawing 3 ovals. One big oval and 2 ovals that are a bit smaller. These 2 ovals should be located on the right and on the left sides of the big oval. Also, draw one thin vertical line and 2 horizontal lines in order to mark the places where you’ll draw eyes and mouth.

2. Now, draw the eyes. When you’re drawing eyes, draw 4 oblong ovals. Add eyelashes if you’re drawing a young woman.

3. Now, draw eyebrows and add several lines in order to mark the lines of the eyelids.

4. Then, drew the nose. It should be located in the middle of the face but along the vertical line. When you’re drawing it, try making the lines uneven and intermitted. Then, you’ll get a maximal effect possible.

5. Now, draw lips on the second horizontal line.

6. Finally, draw hair and a bit curved line on the left ear. Now we are finished.

7. Paint the picture over with a black pen or a crayon. Then, add a little bit of shadows by using a plumbaginous pencil. After that, add a bit of colour on the lips and eyes.


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