Nora Turner

How To Draw Lil Wayne

If you are trying to draw Lil Wayne, you’ve come to right place! With the help of these simple steps, you’ll be able to draw this famous rapper. Let’s get started!


1. Draw a vertical ellipse, slightly tilted to the left.

2. Divide it in half along axis and add auxiliary lines for eyes, nose and mouth.

3. Draw an auxiliary line for the cap on the head.

4. Draw another ellipse above: it’ll be transformed into a cap later.

5. Add slightly inclined perpendicular lines to mark the hair.

6. Add more lines to draw the hair as shown in the picture.

7. Draw an auxiliary line for the cap’s visor as shown.

8. Draw short straight lines for shoulders, neck and throat.

9. Draw small curved lines for the eyebrows.

10. Create conical connecting lines for the eyes as shown in the picture.

11. Draw the rest of portrait’s details, basing on the auxiliary lines.

12. Erase all the unnecessary lines.

13. Color the picture and add shadows.


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