Alana Cunningham

How To Draw A House

Today we offer you a new step-by-step drawing tutorial in which we will finally pay attention to architecture, not to living beings. As you can see by the title, today we will draw a house, so let’s give it a try!

Step 1

Our house will look like a popular townhouse, a neat, compact building designed for a big family. We will start drawing the house from the bottom. To make it easier, we decided to highlight the part you shall draw the first:

The first step should look like this:

Step 2

This tutorial has a large number of steps; however, we will use bold lines from the previous step not to confuse you. We outlined in red parts that you should draw first. 1- columns, 2- cornice. The lines may not be particularly smooth in this step, but make sure you clearly understand where to draw them.

The first step should look like this:

Step 3

Now it is time for strong, smooth lines, in this step draw very neatly. Our artist likes to refine his drawings going from top to bottom. Refine the roof in several smooth, symmetrical lines. Drawing the cornice use 3d effect, pay attention to the bottom, and properly outline the right corner.

Now let’s refine shutters and windows. Note they feature two transverse lines not one, as in stereotypical pictures of a house.

Step 4

A very short step. Now, let’s outline the upper left side, and hatch the semicircle in the center of it. Make hatching darker in the bottom part, as shown on the picture. Then continue with windows, refine their shape and hatch shutters.

Step 5

Now let’s refine the porch of our house: roof, columns, cornices and doors - everything except for the door handles should be absolutely symmetrical. Of course, we mean the symmetry respective to the porch, not to the entire house.

Step 6

To the right of the front porch draw a veranda. It features windows, cornices and columns. Everywhere should by symmetrical and drawn in neat lines.

Step 7

Now is the turn of the left part of the house. Outline bushes near the house in wavy lines.

Step 8

To finish it up, refine the extreme right part of the house.


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