Lucia Guzman

How To Draw Mario

Let’s start our drawing lesson with Mario, the best-known plumber in the world.

Step 1. Our artists chose to avoid stickman today and this is likely the drawing similar to the snowman sketching. However, the largest is the head; it is drawn as a circle whilst the whole body is much less. It is tear-shaped, instead.

Step 2. As for now, Mario’s figure gets more recognizable. Outline the hands and legs. Remember about larger palms and feet in size. These body parts should be sketched as ovals in this step.

Then, mark the head with a couple of pencil strokes. Eyes are aligned on a horizontal line. Draw a vertical line to retain the facial symmetry. Please note that the line that looks upward is slightly displaced to the right side and slightly curved.

Step 3. Examine the marks that you made earlier and draw an ear and a cap of our good Mario based on earlier lines. That’s too easy to keep to lines. If you think this drawing is too simple and you are ready for more challenging paintings, you go and try to draw Naruto. And those, who think differently, we keep going!

Step 4. Sketch ovals for eyes, mustaches and a funny snub nose. If you think your Mario looks more like Albert Einstein, go back and examine where you could make a mistake.

Step 5. Draw in Mario’s head, erase all extra lines left from earlier steps. Add the logo as the letter “M” and tag an ear conch in a couple of strokes. Then, trace whiskers and hair at the back of the neck. Draw in Mario the Maker’s eyes. Pay attention to pupil position. This is how we draw to show the sight direction. Add a straight line as a mouth, frame the moustaches and align the eyebrows.

Step 6. Apart from moustaches and a cap, Mario owns another must-have in appearance. It is his overall. In Step 6 we will draw his clothes and namely, we outline the straps and mark the lower part of the overall. Add the clenched fists, outline the lower part of trousers and boot soles.

Step 7. Add more details to hands and erase unnecessary lines. Draw the guiding lines. Mark outer folds on his sleeves and draw in gloves. Draw the rounf clamping on the overall straps. By the way, Mario was frequently ranked first amongst fictive characters leaving behind even Darth Vader or Spider-Man.

Step 8. Erase all lines that signify the body contours in the lower part, frame the trousers and boots contours. Draw in slight folds on the tissue as it is shown in the example illustration.

So, your attempts result in this very cute plumber in the world.


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