Gabriella Campbell

How To Draw Graffiti Names

If you like how graffiti look try to draw your name like this. Begin with a sketch, transform the letters into blocks and bubbles and add some color and identity. You will soon be able to create an impressive signature with your name.

The Sketch

1. Write your name with a pencil or a piece of chalk. Write in block letters erase them if needed. Make the letters big enough to transform them afterwards, because it is the basis for your graffiti. Consider the following tips:

  • Think out the symmetry.
  • The first and the last letters should be balanced.
  • Many graffiti artists make their inscriptions arched, which adds some style too.

2. Transform the letters into blocks and bubbles. Draw the letters out to achieve 2D effect. Block letters have straight lines and rounded edges while the bubble letters are even more rounded. Choose only one of the styles and never mix them. Think of the inscription as of a piece of art and not just a set of letters.

3. Join some of the letters. Extend them, so that one letter ended where another starts. It adds some movement to the letters and makes them look holistic.

Adding Details

1. Add legs, angels, bats, arrows etc. You are free to experiment, so take your time here. Add some identity to make your graffiti look unique and stand out. The details are used to decorate the letters and add something peculiar to the word.

2. Create the 3D effect. Add the shadow to the letters’ edges and sharpen them a little. You can also make the lines a bit more thick or thin in some spots to add much to 3D effect. For example, the top of the letter «О» maybe very thick with the bottom getting thinner.

3. Add some original elements. When the letters look exactly like you wanted them to be, you can add some details afterwards. Make them match your interests and personality. Add lightning above the letter «i», or draw eyes inside the holes of the letter «В». Your imagination is your primary tool here.


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