Alexandria Carpenter

How To Draw Dragon Ball Z

1: Almost all of the Dragon Ball Z characters can be drawn using standard forms and proportions. All of them have a similar kind of face: a high forehead, slanted, triangular eyes, and small lower part of the face. At this point, you will see how to divide the face on the proportions and then using this knowledge, you will be able to draw any character from this series. Let's start by drawing a slightly elongated circle for the forehead. Then draw the lower part of the face and divide it into equal parts, as shown. Guiding lines should be at an equal distance from each other. Then we draw auxiliary slanting lines for the eyes and outline the mouth, which must be located directly under the guiding line of the nose. Make sure that the guides are drawn thinly, because then we'll have to erase them.

2: Erase some of the unnecessary guiding lines. Draw the contours of the eyes, which now are the trapezoidal blocks. Make sure that the lower part of the block coincides with the oblique line which we have drawn in the first step.

3: Next, make a sketch of the future shape of hair. The hair of the character is very bulky and pointy. Notice that they are slightly smoothed to the right (from the character side — on the left, but for us — on the right:-). Draw the eyes and ears in detail. Next, draw the eyebrows, which should be placed directly above the eyes. Draw the nose and mouth, which are necessary to draw small and located close to each other. The nose should resemble the letter «L».

4: Then we erase all guiding lines. Add a dash under the eyes and mouth, and add detail to the ears. Then draw the neck, muscles and clothes. The neck at characters of Dragon Ball Z is usually drawn wide, so start drawing the neck right there, where are the ears. Erase some of the unnecessary lines and clean up our sketch.

5: Paint a picture for your convenience. Please note that the glare on his hair is pointy, and that it gives flat strands more volume. The hair of this character is not pointed directly back, as at Ryoko (from Tenchi Muyo), but sticks out in all directions.


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