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How To Draw Rarity

26 June 2016
Sadie Carter
Sadie Carter

Rarity is a female unicorn pony; one of the main characters of the “My little pony: Friendship is magic” cartoon series. She is a fashion designer and has ability to find crystals. which is why she has a mark in shape of three crystals on her hip. Now let’s try to draw Rarity step by step.

Step 1. Draw a circle and a curved line, and then draw a sketch of Rarity’s head with an ear and a horn.

Step 2. Draw her eyes, a nostril and a part of her tongue.

Step 3. Draw Rarity’s torso and legs with hooves, followed by three diamond shapes on her upper thigh.

Step 4. Draw Rarity’s mane and a tail.

Step 5. Add lines to detail her hair and the tail.

Step 6. Colour her eyes and add eye shadows like in our drawing.