Izabella Bradley

How To Draw 3D Letters

Huge 3D letters with shadow effect are an interesting alternative to the ordinary letters. In this article, we will teach you how to draw them.

Draw 3D Shadow Effect Letters

1. First, draw the basic letter. To do this, use a ruler. Trace light lines, because later you will have to erase them (in the illustrations these lines are black).

2. Outline the letter’s contour. Don't forget about the “holes” in letters a, b, o, p, q, etc.

3. Draw inclined lines from each corner of the letter, including the holes. They should be of the same length.

4. Connect the lines, as shown in the illustration.

5. Erase the lines drawn in step 1.

6. You can stop there or shadow (hatch) lateral surfaces, as shown in the illustration.

7. Finished!


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