Izabella Bradley

How To Draw Jack Skellington

In “The Nightmare before Christmas” Jack Skellington tries to celebrate Halloween. Follow the steps you will learn to draw the Pumpkin King!

Method 1. Spooky Jack

1. Outline the contours of Jack’s body.

2. Add volume to your drawing. Please note that Jack is skinny and he has pointy long fingers.

3. Draw his costume. He has a bow tie, and the bottom part of his costume has five pointy tips at the back.

4. Draw his face. He has eye socket, because he is already a skeleton. Draw an angle pointing upwards for the nose. Use vertical lines lined across a horizontal line for the mouth.

5. Erase unnecessary lines.

6. Color the picture.

Method 2. Friendly Jack

1. Outline the contours of Jack’s head from the torso.

2. Draw his costume. Note that he has a bow tie.

3. Draw his face. Use a circle for eyes, two short oblique lines for nostrils and a long curved vertical line across horizontal lines for the mouth.

4. Erase unnecessary lines.

5. Color the picture.


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