Norah Meyer

How To Draw A Koala

Now you are going to learn how to draw a koala bear. Koala is a marsupial from Australia. Koalas eat eucalyptus’ leaves and shoots only. Eucalyptus has poisonous leaves, that’s why koalas look for the trees that have leaves with the least contents of toxic substances. Thus, not every kind of eucalyptus suits. Koalas don’t move too much. They spend about 18 hours a day not moving at all. They sleep at daytime and eat at night. Koalas come down to the ground when they can’t jump from one tree to another. However, koalas can run very fast, jump and swim in case of danger.

Let’s begin drawing. Draw the head and the ears.

Then draw the eyes and the nose.

Shade the top of the eyes a little and the nose.

Draw koala’s body.

Now draw the tree’s branches.

Trace the contour with short lines and draw the hind leg.

Now draw the hind leg.

Draw the tree’s leaves and branches. Add the visible part of the rest legs.

Shade it.


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