Alivia Silva

How To Draw A Horse

In this lesson, find out how to draw a nag or a horse with a beautiful mane with a pencil stepwise.

Here is a photograph of the horse.

Draw a rhombus, the centerline is at a small angle, its length is slightly larger, than the width. From the endpoint of the rhombus, measure approximately the half of its length, draw the shape of the snout on this straight line. Then draw cheekbones, which are more distinct from the right side, as the head is not strictly straight, but it is slightly turned to the side. The eyes are on the line of the rhombus on the right. It is a sketch, therefore draw it with very light lines.

Now draw the fringe, the ears, the neck and the body.

Finish to draw the cheekbone, the neck and the body.

Now, draw the more correct shape of the horse's head and eyes. By the way, the drawing of eyes is described very well in the lesson of a zebra drawing.

Paint an eye, making a slight light tint on the eye, make the fair eyelashes. Near the eye, put some shadows, also put light shadows in the middle of the head and in other parts indicated on the picture. Paint nostrils and create snout shading.

Then apply shadows, use pencils of different degrees of softness or push differently on the pencil to show crossings of shadows from dark crossings to light crossings. Shade the cheekbone and the ear.

Rub off the heavy line of the cheekbone. Apply again some very light shadings on the horse's head. Make the sketch of an approximate mane location in light tints.

Add more lines of a darker color, draw a fringe. If you draw hair well, you can do this in your way, not necessarily as in this drawing. Shade the neck with the light lines.

Use more curves while drawing a mane. Under the hair, make a shadow in fairer tint, than the tone of the hair. Make the neck a little bit darker, but do not make it very dark, it would not fit into basic tone of the drawing, and you will have to redo the entire drawing. Paint the horse's body, the head should be darker, there are areas slightly darker on the head.

To give at least some direction to the mane, use once more a very soft pencil, adding dark areas and thus, giving shape to the hair. It is possible to use a rubber to create lighter areas of the hair. Make a ground color and the drawing of the horse is ready.


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