Genevieve Riley

How To Draw A Horse Head

To draw a horse, even in stages, you need experience and a good eye. But if you need to make drawings of horses, this simple lesson will help you understand how to draw a horse head step by step. The main thing is to observe precisely the proportions so that the the horse head should be graceful and beautiful. For the beginners learning to draw, I advise to periodically compare your drawing with a photo of a horse head. If you need to draw a horse as a whole, you can see the lesson of how to draw a horse step by step.

1. Three circles for the profile of a horse head

Drawing in stages, it is important to draw the contours. From their location will depend on proportions of future picture. For the future drawing of horse head, draw three circles in pencil. The upper one is the biggest, the lower one is the smallest and in the center - the middle one. Try to exactly copy their positions from my drawing.

2. An initial outline of a horse head

Circle the contour of the horse's muzzle, not much pressing the pencil, you may need to correct the contours. And in a big circle draw a small circle for the horse's eye.

3. Ears, nostrils and the neck of the horse

Draw the ears on top of the horse head. Make the neck contour and add the nostrils and draw a mouth line. Remove excess contour lines in the picture.

4. To control the horse you need the bridle

Every horse has a bridle by which it is controlled. And only in the wild or in a fenced corral the horses run without it. Draw first a small ring at the edge of the lips and the lead protruding from the mouth. In addition, at this stage, add to the drawing of the horse head some details. Draw the mane, make exact the form of the eyes and nostrils.

5. Draw the bridle completely

At this point, draw completely the bridle and add details in the drawing of a horse's ears. After that, we can say that the horses head drawing is almost finished.

6. Apply the shade in the drawing

For the horse head to become dimensional and the picture to be as of a real artist, you need in soft pencil add the shades. No need to color the horse in colored pencils, but to make the shades in ordinary pencil won’t hurt either.


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