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How To Draw An Alligator

At this lesson, let`s try to draw an alligator – the most ancient and dangerous animal of our planet. The drawing of an alligator is fairly simple, it is worth only to draw a huge predatory "toothy" jaws and it will already be clear this is an alligator. But, to draw an alligator similar to a real one, but not to the crocodile from a cartoon, draw stepwise, at first, use a simple pencil and afterwards paint with colored pencils.

The alligator is a very dangerous and predatory animal and, to reflect its nature in a drawing, first of all, draw the long open jaws, its straddled paws and the tail bent from tension. As if the alligator prepares to jump from your drawing and seize its plunder.

1. Start the drawing with simple contours.

Start the drawing of an alligator with a simple sketch of the body: a slightly bent line and four circumferences. Pay attention, that two circumferences should be in the center, and two small ones- on the edges. And also the line should halve all circles.

2. Outline of the alligator's head and body.

Perhaps this stage will be the most complex. One needs to draw the outline of the body shape and of the head, rather of the alligator`s jaws, as well as mark additionally two small circles for paws.

3. The drawing of the alligator becomes animated.

Just now, as soon as you remove excessive contour lines from the head and the body, as well as you draw an eye, you will see that to draw an alligator turns out to be very easy. Nevertheless, even without its tail and paws, the crocodile becomes immediately like an animated one. In this stage of the drawing, one needs to draw a general contour of paws (three) and add two more circles for the tail.

4. The head, the tail and the paws of the alligator in details.

Check if all the proportions of the drawing of the alligator are accurate and, if it is necessary, correct inexact details of your drawing. Now one needs to draw the alligator`s tail entirely in the picture. It is fairly easy to do, because you have a landmark in form of circles. Looking to the sample picture, draw the tail. One needs also to draw claws on paws and extend the line of the jaws. If you draw the alligator with the open jaws, do not forget to draw its fangs, as one doesn`t have the heart to call it teeth.

5. The final stage of the drawing.

In this step, you need only to delete all the advance contours (circles) and paint in details the eye and paws, as well as draw the line delimiting the alligator's back and belly. The alligator's hide is apically covered with horn pointed warts, do not forget to draw them either. And the bigger belly is like snake skin.

6. A simple pencil drawing of an alligator.

It is not obligatory to paint the drawing of an alligator with a simple pencil. The alligator will look much more spectacular in a colored drawing. Just pay attention, that only the crocodile from the cartoon has a green color of its hide. In the nature, it is usually less pretty. Draw it on a riverbank among thickets of bushes so that the drawing of an alligator would be more realistic. Alligators live precisely in these places.


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