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How To Draw A Wolf

At this lesson, you will learn to draw a wolf with a pencil stepwise. The wolf is often depicted with bared teeth in order to show its aggressive character. If you can, depict in your drawing also a wolf's predatory, cold regard. All these peculiarities must be accurately reflected in a drawing to make a wolf different from a dog.

1. Draw the general outline of the wolf.

You can divide your future drawing into squares so that it would be easier for you to draw the wolf. This type of marking will help you to correctly draw primary contours. First, draw contours of the body and a circumference for the head. Then add several strokes for paws, and come over to the next step.

2. Add details to the drawing.

In this stage, draw approximate contours of the wolf's body and tail. But first, draw paws. It will be completely simple to draw the fore feet, and it is a little bit more complex to draw the hind ones. The wolf's hind feet are always flexed and have a look of cat`s ones.

3. How to draw a head.

As the general outline of the wolf has already been drawn, one may remove an advance marking and begin to draw the head, but originally let`s draw out only approximate contours of the head of the wolf without a detailed drawing. First, draw outlines of ears, then draw contours "of the muzzle". Try to make this part as accurately as possible to make your wolf different from a fox or a dog.

4. The drawing of the head of a wolf in details.

In any drawing, inter alia, of an animal, the spectators, first of all, pay attention to the head or face, if this is a drawing of an individual. Therefore, one needs to draw the wolf like that in order to show its predatory expression as exactly as possible not to get a mongrel instead of the wolf. First, delete unnecessary outlines from the drawing of the head and draw a nose. Now one may draw eyes, add other small details. It will only remain for you to choose if you draw it with a simple pencil or paint it with colors or colored pencils.

5. Draw its hair.

If you decided to draw the wolf only with a pencil, then use the indicated scheme of shadows application. It is difficult to draw the hair of the wolf. To do this, draw numerous small strokes along outlines by the pencil, as on the picture. Try not to paint the hair with one color. The shadows give girth and, besides, in life, the wolf's hair has different tints.

6. A drawing of a wolf in color.

It is not easy to paint a drawing of a wolf with colored pencils and, especially, with colors. Besides that, it is very difficult to choose necessary color, the coloring of the wolf also has different tints. The dark stripe runs along the back. The strips of the dark tint will be found on the wolf's neck and belly. The nose bridge and the wolf's forehead must also be darker.


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