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How To Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets

Save money when changing a design of your kitchen. To do this you only need to use a paint, new pens, the pattern with which you’ll decorate the doors of your kitchen cabinets, bright colours and your imagination. Here you’ll find lots of bright ideas that will make you finally make a decision on renovating your kitchen.

Bright Spots

If your kitchen is not that new, it has its own defects, add several bright spots that will draw the attention of your guests. This way all the defects won’t be noticed. This advice may work out only if the colour of your kitchen cabinets is neutral.

Open Shelves

Open shelves will make your kitchen look lighter. In this case, the attention is focused on what is on a shelf and not on a shelf itself. Put bright jars, crockery and flowers on them. They will conceal the fact that your shelves are old.

Fresh Colours

As it is said, the best defense is a good offence. If you do not have an opportunity to replace a kitchen cabinet or a kitchen chest with a new one, make it the brightest spot of your kitchen. Paint its surfaces into a very bright colour! Pay attention to the fact that on the photo a red colour is used for several details. It looks very harmonious with a dark wooden surface.

A Board For Notes

Buy a paint with the help of which you can imitate the surface of a blackboard. Paint the surface of the kitchen cabinet doors with it. You can write down a menu on such a board or a list of necessary things to buy.


The top is white, the bottom is black. It turns out that exactly this combination is appropriate for surfaces in the kitchen. Paint the top line of shelves in white color, the one that is at the bottom – in a black colour. There should also be the third colour that will also be present in both of the lines and unite the whole composition of colours.

An Order Inside

Sometimes, a wish to change a kitchen cabinet occurs only for a reason that there is a complete chaos inside it. Use our advices in order to clean the insides of chests and cabinets and put everything in order. Then, they will look nicer.

A Bright Blue

Glass doors make your kitchen cabinets look incredibly wonderful. In order to renovate such a cabinet you may paint its back panel in a bright colour (for example, a blue one). You may also support the colour with several elements in the interior.

The Less The Better

Having removed the doors from several shelves in the upper line, you’ll visually make your kitchen look bigger. Paint the surfaces inside an open shelf in a dark colour. This way you’ll also contribute to the effect of your kitchen being bigger.


In order to renovate the furniture of your kitchen a bit replace traditional wooden handles by a modern tube-like ones.


If you cabinet doesn’t have any doors but you want to conceal unpleasantly looking crockery that’s inside it, hang the blinds on it. They won’t only conceal several sections of the cabinet that you do not want your guests to see, but they will also allow you easily find and take the things you need.

A Worn Out Effect

If the edges of the paint on your kitchen cabinet have worn off a bit, do not get sad about it! Many designers pursue this effect on purpose. They want the furniture to have a vintage look in a provence style. All you need is to make the effect even worse so that it looked harmoniously.

A Sparkling White

A white colour on the surfaces in the kitchen is quite modern currently. Apart from cabimets, choose textile of white colour and blinds of white colour. However, the walls in such a kitchen should be painted in a darker colour. Then, the white colour will look even more sparkling.


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