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How To Decorate A Kitchen

You are tired of looking at your old kitchen and want to change something in it? It means it’s time to give to it a new look. One of the better ways “to breathe in a new life in it” is changing the wallpapers and renovating the colours of your kitchen. Once you add new bright colours to it, it will look like a new one. If the cupboards and the tabletop do not look beautiful anymore or some defects have appeared on them, you’d better buy something new. However, if there isn’t enough money and you do not wish to start a complete renovation, you may decorate it spending less money.


You may change your kitchen and make it look more beautiful just by renovating your old floor covering. The kitchen covering gets worn out very quickly and because of it the carpet looks rather ugly. If you consider renovating your floor by replacing it with a new floor made of any hardwood, it will be rather expensive.

However, it is quite acceptable to cover your floor with a new linoleum or laminate. Besides, laminate is not less strong than a wooden floor. Moreover, it may look like a real wooden covering. If the condition of your floor is quite well and it doesn’t need any radical renovation, you may polish it and paint with the help of mordant. It is also possible to cover it with a new carpet or an industrial carpet.


Scratches, spots and traces from hot dishes appear on the tabletop that you have been using for long. It is not necessary to change it. You may fasten a sheet of plywood on top of it and cover the plywood with mosaic or tiles. You also may laminate it or swift it with a new beautiful oilcloth. The oilcloth may seem to be the most unpractical method. However, you may change it rather often and, consequently, there will always be something new about your kitchen.

Kitchen Cupboards

The kitchen cupboards are the easiest items to be decorated. This is here where you have the greatest opportunities for imagination. Even the oldest cupboards are not necessarily to be replaced with new ones that you can buy at a store. Treat them with sand paper, putty them and paint in a new and modern colour. Nowadays the paints that have a colour of a green lime and of an eggplant are extremely popular. The new colour will change the look of your kitchen, it will become more stylish.

The decoupage technique will allow you to “breath in a new life”, new energy into your old cupboards that will also have a new charm about them. There are lots of various decorative photo wallpapers, stencils, stickers, skins and even types of cloth, with which it is also possible to beautifully decorate your kitchen cupboards, sold nowadays.

The Lightning Of The Kitchen

For some reasons kitchen lightning is not considered to be a decorative element of a kitchen. Actually, the lightning of the kitchen is one of the most important aspects in its interior. Functionality and esthetics directly depend on the lightning. One of the better ways to decorate a kitchen is to install good lamps with which you’ll not only feel comfortable when cooking, but also when you spend time in the kitchen with your family and friends.

The lamps may be different – hanging or integrated ones. If you already have one of these kinds of lamps in your kitchen, add the second one. You may make additional lightning along the cupboards or right above the working surfaces. If you want to make the space of the kitchen united, you won’t do without a bog hanging lamp in the center of it.


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