Gemma Schneider

How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

The bedroom is a place where we spend the most part of our life. We not only sleep there, but also relax after a busy day, read favorite books or listen to music. A bedroom should be cozy, pleasant and comfortable. However, some people are limited by their small apartment and can’t allow a large and spacious bedroom. Meanwhile, a small bedroom can also be beautifully decorated.

How to decorate a small bedroom The most effective method to visually enlarge the space is to paint the walls in bright colors. For this purpose use pastel colors, white and beige. To get even a more spectacular effect, draw horizontal or vertical stripes on the wall. Using this tip, you can extend the wall and thus, visually enlarge the space in the room.

How to decorate a small bedroom Another good idea on how to visually enlarge the bedroom is to use mirrors. The reflecting light gives an impression of a large room. A good place for the mirror is the wall opposite to the entrance.

It’s quite risky to purchase sculptures, massive baskets or floor clock. In a small room, they will occupy all the free space. Select small quiet decorations such as a small clock or frames with photos. Place a small vase with fresh flowers on the windowsill.

How to decorate a small bedroom If you have already decided on the bed, use space under it. Buy special boxes and containers. A massive wardrobe will not fit any interior. It’s better to limit to bedside-tables and if necessary buy low height furniture. It is also worth to invest in appropriate lighting. In addition to a chandelier, consider halogen or led backlight of a shelf or the bed.


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