Elise Warren

How To Decorate A Living Room

Accessories are small things, emphasis on something and items of furniture that make the interior of a room complete and different from any of the rest rooms. Having decorated your living room, you’ll add more colour, details to the room and will make it more comfortable and interesting. In other words, the room will be more pleasant to be in and visually complete.


1. Star with defining a coordinating center of the room. A piece of art, a window, a fireplace or a TV may serve as a coordinating center. Move the furniture in the room so that all the items are directed to this center.

2. Make the floor look softer with the help of different rugs of various colours, textures and styles. Make the rugs be in layers. You may Lay the rugs so that either all the floor is covered with them or only the “naked” areas of the floor. Anyway, this way you’ll add colours and patterns to the room.

3. Put cushions that match the general colour theme of the room on sofas and chairs. Cushions may be motley or monochromatic. If you choose motley cushions, make sure that they match in colour the blinds, rugs or pieces of art. This way they will fit in the general interior of the room.

4. Decorate the windows also with monochromatic blinds. The colour should be the same as the colour of one of the rugs, cushions or pieces of art. This way you’ll combine all the accessories.

5. Add bookshelves to the room. This is a way to show your preferences in literature. They also will do for trinkets, ceramic things, frames for photos and other things that you find interesting. Put the bookshelves on a wall, but lower than the pieces of art or TV that is also fastened to the wall. You may also put them behind the chairs.

6. Take small and long tables and put them along the wall. On these tables you may also put various accessories. Put the tables close to the rest area so that all the things are always at hand.

7. Put lamps on the tables that are close to the place where your guests usually sit. This way you’ll add a soft and focused light to the room.

8. Take small bins, bowls and trays and put them everywhere in the room. In these things you’ll be able to keep such things like a remote control or magazines. This is a great way to keep your things organized. Put the bowls and trays on to the coffee, tea table or the bookshelves. Put them anywhere you like, on any flat surface. You also may put them in an organized way on the floor.

9. Hang all pieces of art either on the wall above the table or the sofa. Make sure that all pieces of art include the colours that are present in the other part of the room. This may either be a colour on the frame of a painting or on the painting itself.

10. Hang several mirrors in the narrow corners of the room so that to make it more spacious visually. The paintings and bookshelves attract attention while the reflections in the mirror make the room deeper and, therefore, bigger. This is a common trick of how it is possible to make a small room look more spacious and bigger.

11. Put your personal things into the room. Ceramics, sculptures, trophies, family photos and other personal things will help you make the room softer and more unique and personal like.


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