Adalyn Wagner

How To Decorate A Mantel

A mantelpiece is mostly becomes a center of the room it is located in. They often organize a rest zone furnishing it so that the pieces of décor face the fireplace. Let’s consider a couple ideas and techniques to furnish the mantelpiece area.

1. Create a masterpiece at the designing stage

If the problem of the décor emerged at the designing stage, you get a unique chance of making a genuine masterpiece of your mantel. You can make the mantelpiece the main and the brightest piece of furniture in the room using some original décor and peculiar surfaces. You will only need to emphasize it with a couple of pretty things or you can do without any décor at all.

2. Use some logs

Probably the most natural décor for the fireplace is logs. Carefully cut logs cleaned of dust and dirt can be piled in a special niche near the mantelpiece or in the furnace if the fire is not lit. You can use some decorative branches for the same purpose if you wish.

3. Apply mirrors and reflective surfaces

Mirrors always look great in any interior. And the fireplace is not an exception. Face the wall with the mantelpiece with mirrors. You may use panels of any size. A simple thing to do is to hang a framed mirror above the fireplace. Choose platinum, classic, or modern mirrors, 3d-mirrors or volumetric mirrors depending on the interior style.

4. Add candles to the composition

Candles are heat sources too and they will look great near the fireplace. You can place them in groups into candleholders or without them. Don’t place more than 20 candles at once. It is preferred to use similar candles or at least candles from the same collection that are similar in shape and color.

5. Place the décor symmetrically

Whatever the décor looks like you’d better place pair objects symmetrically. Thus, you will create a very distinctive ambiance. It is static, it inspires the feeling of stability and it equilibrates the space. You may place any objects mirrorwise near the mantel. It may be shelves, racks, chests, books, figures vases etc.

6. Décor the wall and the portal with pictures

Most people liked the idea of decorating the mantelpiece with pictures. It doesn’t matter whether you use several small pictures or a big impressive one. You can hang them on the wall or just place on the portal. Make sure that the pieces of décor match each other and don’t overlay. You can also place family photos, or different framed prints, or just gather a collection of empty frames.

7. Fill the niches and shelves

If the portal and the space above it is not big enough, use shelves and niches on both sides if there are any. Place books, figures, photos, candles, or something peculiar in there.

8. Apply vases and figures

You can put some volumetric pieces of décor there. It can be some figures or vases. It is a good thing if you use several objects of one collection or even similar objects. It creates a feeling of integrity and completeness.


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