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How To Crochet A Blanket

Have you ever wanted to make a beautiful blanket with your own hands? You can easily realize your idea with the help of a hook. The work won’t take much time, and you will enjoy your blanket for years.

Where To Start?

1. Determine the size of your future blanket. Blanket size is determined by its purpose, as well as by the size of its owner. Below are some of the main types of blankets and their sizes in centimeters:

  • Newborn quilt: 90 x 90 cm;
  • Baby quilt: 90x105 cm;
  • Quilt for a teenager: 90x150 cm;
  • Quilt for an adult: 125x175 cm;
  • Plaid: 90 x 120 cm.

2. Select yarn. The size and density of the blanket, as well as your knitting skills determine what kind of yarn you need. If you are a beginner in knitting, select a light-colored soft-textured yarn (you will be able to see loops better) of an average weight.

3. Select the appropriate size of a hook. Hooks come in different sizes, ranging from 2.25 to 19 mm. The larger is the hook, the bigger is the loop. Large loops are more noticeable, it means that knitting of the blanket will take your less time. But, don't forget that with a big hook you will need more yarn, too.

4. Select a pattern. Pattern will determine the future look and design of your quilt. Choice of designs is limitless; in addition, combining basic techniques you can create your own pattern. In this article, you will learn about some of the easy patterns, ideal for beginners.

Simple Stripe Pattern

1. Cast on chains loop to create the width of your blanket. Do not pull the chain, try to make loops loose, because you will crochet inside them in the next row. Count turning loops (loops used to move to the next row and in order to turn around at the end of the row), their number is determined by the chosen pattern!

2. Turn your knitting over and proceed with the second row. Once you are done with the chain loops turn the piece to continue knitting from right to left along the top of the chain. For a single crochet, insert the hook into the second loop from the needle. For a double crochet, insert the hook into the third loop from the needle.

3. Go on knitting row by row until you have reached the desired length. You can count stitches as you go or stop from time to time and count the stitches that you have done. If you wish, you can decorate your blanket with additional elements.

4. The blanket is finished.


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