Cecilia Andrews

Crochet Heart Pattern

Crochet heart pattern made with your own hands is a perfect gift for friends and loved ones for all holidays. It is especially relevant as a cute gift in Valentine's Day. But it is especially pleasant to receive as a gift the heart, made with your own hands, for example, crocheted from bright multi-colored threads.

Crochet Heart Pattern — Master-Class

We will need: oddments of pink or red yarn, a crochet # 4.

The order of work: crochet the article according the the layout. The size of the heart of wool yarn is 3 cm, of a cotton — about 2 cm. Such hearts are crocheted very quickly, so you can make them as a gift for all your friends.

The layout of a crochet:

  • 3 chain stitches we put in a ring and crochet in circular manner.
  • 3 chain stitches, 4 strings 2 yarnover, 3 strings with yarnover, picot out of one loop, 3 strings with yarnover, 4 strings 2 yarnover, 3 loops, string in the center of the circle.
  • Cut and put the thread on the wrong side.

We offer you a few easy layouts of flat crochet hearts.


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