Athena Hoffman

Crochet Cowl Pattern

To crochet a cowl we will need:

  • yarn Alize superlana maxi 4 balls (1 ball weighs 100 grams, and is 100 meters long, 75% acrylic, 25% wool);
  • crochet hook size 7 mm;

Using this quantity of yarn and this type of hook we will have a 83 cm*33 cm cowl (full length 83 * 2 = 166 cm), it can be wrapped three times around your neck. If this option doesn’t suit you, I advise you to select your own size: measure the length of the face from top to chin and multiply it by the number of wraps around the neck, the obtained number is the length of your cowl (connected in a ring it will be two times shorter).

Steps How To Crochet A Cowl

1. Cast on chain stitches (an odd number) to achieve the full length of the cowl (I have a 166 cm chain).

2. Close chain in the ring and begin to knit a simple pattern.

Knit 4 turning chains (they are made at the beginning of each row):

Enter the hook into the second loop and knit other three chains(and if you want your bobbles to be more puffy, take four loops):

Take the thread and pull it through two loops on the hook:

Make one chain:

Similarly, knit all the rows.

3. Knit a row, bind off, and then repeat the step 2 till the end of the yarn.


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