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How To Cook Wild Rice

Black (wild) rice is a kind of rice. It is small and rather easy to cook. Such a rice has a number of useful elements. It contains the exact amount of 2/3 minerals that a person should take per day. Once it is cooked, it has a colour that ranges from brown-chocolate to dark purple and tastes like a nut. Unlike any other kind of rice, this rice is hard to cook in a rice cooker. We’ll tell you how to use and cook black rice in a right way.


  • 1 glass of wild rice;
  • 5 glasses of water;
  • salt (you as much as you like).

We need to thoroughly wash rice. In order to do it you need:

1. Take 1 glass of rice and 2 glasses of water. Once the rice is sodden, it will become twice as bigger.

2. Wash it several times. Put it into the bowl with cold water. Rub it with your hands. Once the rice seeks the bottom, pour the water out. Do the same 2 or 3 more times. This way you’ll get rid of starch on the surface of rice. This is exactly because of this starch that rice usually sticks together.

3. Pour water in the bowl again and leave the rice be for one night. If you need to cook it right away, then, start cooking it once you thoroughly wash it.

The Process Of Cooking

1. Take a large saucepan and pour water (a needed amount) in it. Put rice into it. Only once it is done, you may put the saucepan on the cooker and light fire under it. You may cook your rice on the basis of a chicken or a vegetable broth. In this case, the water-to-rice ratio should be 1:2.

2. Wait until water boils. Make the fire underneath the saucepan lower and cover it with the cap. Cook it for half an hour or till the moment water is absorbed in rice.

3. Turn off the fire. Leave the saucepan with rice stand for 15 minutes. Do not mix it.

4. Before you serve the dish, mix it so that to separate the rice and make it “air-like”. Remember that once rice is cooked it may become dark purple. Consequently, it may smear a ceramic or an enameled dish.


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