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How To Decorate A Hallway

Today people start paying more attention to the design of the hallway doing renovating or changing the interior. This is an important place of the apartment, that is why the choice of the color of walls, furniture and details should be well pondered. Thanks to modern inventions and innovative solutions, you make your hallway cozy and stylish. The hallway makes the first impression, this is the first room that welcomes us when we come back tired from work, so it is important to make it comfortable and decorate with great taste. The hallway should be the focal point of the appartment.

Hallway Furniture

Don’t put anything in front of the door that will prevent it from opening. Two adults should be able to pass by freely. It is better to put all the coats and jackets that you do not wear currently in the wardrobe in order not to clutter the hallway.

Do not leave shoes on the floor, use a shoe cabinet or a shoebox. Today, you can easily find small drawers for shoes with big capacity.

Put the clothes hanger in a prominent place, the visitor should see where to hang a jacket when he enters the room. Sliding door wardrobes with a small depth, not more than 40 cm, can be of use to store things without reducing the size of the hallway. If it is not possible to hang a large mirror on the wall, it can be placed on the door of the wardrobe, or you can purchase a wardrobe with a built-in mirror. In this case, it is better to choose models with built-in lights to illuminate the mirror.

If the hallway is spacious, it can accommodate a desk or a large chest of drawers where you can store shoes, umbrellas and other accessories. You can decorate the walls with paintings or photographs. You can also hang a mirror on the wall. The mirror should not be placed directly opposite the front door.

Color Of Your Hallway

According to Feng Shui, the hallway should be brightly colored. However, do not overdo it with color, because the hallway is the center of family life, and it should have a neutral and balanced atmosphere. If you want to achieve a calming action, paint the walls in pastel colors. If you prefer fun and vibrant atmosphere, choose brighter, but still soft colors.

If the hallway is narrow with high ceilings, use horizontal lines on the walls. For example, wallpapers with horizontal stripes. If the ceilings are low, the lines should be horizontal.

It is better to use bright colors, because usually this room is not large size and has no windows.

Color for a small hallway: white, beige, blue, yellow. This refers to the color of the walls, ceiling and floor, as well as furniture. Walls can be painted, plastered, or covered with wallpaper. Use laminate or tile for the floor. A big hallway can be decorated in warm and darker shades such as brown, red, grey, blue, black etc.

Lighting In The Hallway

The hallway should be light and if there is no source of natural light, it should be compensated with artificial lighting. The hallway may become a perfect place to hang a crystal chandelier. It will be the main light source placed in the center of the ceiling. You can hang lamps on the walls, if there is a chest of drawers or a table, you can place there a table lamp, while a wardrobe can feature built-in lights.


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