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How To Decorate For A Baby Shower

Baby Shower is a party for the expectant mother. Baby Shower can be understand as a rain, because on this day the expectant mom literally "showers" in gifts. Moreover, all the gifts are very cute and related to the newborn baby.

As a rule, this event is hold at the 6-8 month of pregnancy, when the expectant mom doesn’t suffer from early toxemia any more, she has a cute small tummy and doesn’t get tired very quickly.

1. Choose a place for the party.

First, you need to decide on the place and then select proper decorations. The choice is quite limited. You can hold the Baby Shower at the future mom’s place or at her friends’ house. You can also arrange the party in a café or a restaurant. In this case, it is worth to meet with a director or a manager to discuss the details of decorating the space.

2. Choose the theme for your party.

It is necessary to select the theme in order to find suitable decorations. Once you have selected the theme, you can start looking for suitable decorations, food and music. You have a great choice of themes, ranging from those connected with nature (spring, autumn, jungle, mountains, forest, birds, bears) and ending with various cultural themes (a party in English, Ukrainian, French style, etc.). For example, if you have a cartoon party, pick up decorations featuring cartoon characters, bring toys, hang on the walls cartoons’ quotations, and select soundtracks from cartoons as a musical background.

If you can’t select a specific theme or the organization of a thematic party turned out to be too difficult or expensive, you can always resort to the classic themes "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!", and decorate the room in blue or pink and red colors. If you still don’t know the sex of the baby or want it to be a surprise, you can choose neutral colors such as green, yellow or violet (pastel colors plus bright accents). You can also decorate the space in white or mix girlish and boyish colors.

3. Decorate the room.

Each party starts with the entrance, so it is important to decorate the front door. Decorate the front door or the entrance with a pointer or a lovely bright picture. Very often, the entrance and the room itself are decorated with balloons. Near the entrance, place a table where guests can leave gifts for expectant moms. As an alternative, you can use a baby stroller, a crib or a baby changing table. On the same table, you can put a guest book for the wishes to the mother and the baby. Guests can write there tips for the parents. For this purpose, you can select a simple nice notebook, as well as a specially designed notebook in the technique of scrapbooking. For example, I make such notebooks; here are some of my works.

You can use garlands with flags or fabric pieces, paper garlands to decorate the walls. You can either pull a clothesline between the walls and hang on it baby things: bodies, clothes, sliders, etc. You can also hang posters and banners with baby photos of the mom and dad.

Put the table with treats in the center. Remember that in the classical version the Baby Shower party is held in the format of buffet table with a variety of sweets. We will devote a separate article to the candy bar where we will tell you what to serve at the Baby Shower. Now we are talking exclusively about decorations. You can serve drinks in baby bottles or jars from baby food. Toppings can be also put in the bottles, but it is worth to make bigger holes in the dummies. Do not forget about flags, paper caps and toppers for cupcakes and other sweets. You can insert napkins in baby teethers, rattles or put them into a baby cup.

Put in the center of the table a special diaper cake. It is the integral attribute of any Baby Shower. You can order such a cake in the Internet or do it yourself.


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