Haley Walsh

How To Cook Scallops

Seafood is a big part of our menu these days. However, while shrimps, squids and crabs are well known by most of people, not all know about another interesting and delicious seafood – scallops. From this article you will find out how to cook them.

You will need:

  • 0,4 kg of scallops;
  • 50 g of sake (or another strong alcohol);
  • garlic, salt and herbs in a mill;
  • butter;
  • olive oil (for frying);
  • green onions.

How To Cook

Unfreeze the scallop, cover it with spices from a mill (garlic, salt and herbs) and leave for 10-15 minutes. You can use another spices (the ones which you like more), but don’t put too much hot pepper or oriental spices that have too rich odor and taste: scallop’s meat is very tender and it’s easy to ruin its taste.

Heat the butter along with olive oil on a frying pan (the proportions should be 50:50).

Fry the scallop with high heat, turning it from side to side (you have to fry one side for two minutes until the meat becomes crispy). You don’t have to fry it for a long time, because the scallop’s meat will become tough.

Pour 50 g of sake into a frying pan at the end of the cooking (we use brandy instead) and set it on fire.

Put scallop on a plate with rice. Fry finely chopped green onions in the remaining oil for a half of minute and put it on top of a dish.


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