Haley Walsh

How To Cook Lentils

Whether green or brown, often called continental, lentils is rich in such nutritional elements as fiver, iron and proteins. This is why it is wholesome and perfectly suits vegans. When it is compared with lentils of red or yellow color, it stays the form and shape when cooked.

1. Prior to start with cooking, sort out the lentils and get rid of any waste.

2. Wash your lens in cold water.

3. Run water into the pot (one cup of lentil requires two cups of water).

4. Pour in the lens into the water earlier put in the pot, put it on a slow fire and wait until the water boils.

5. Add olive oil - 0.5 tablespoon. It usually makes the lentils softer.

6. Boil it for 20 to 40 minutes after it boils. Cover your pot with the lid but do not forget to stir it regularly.

7. Salt the water with the lentil (a cup of lentil requires a teaspoon of salt) 5 minutes before the lentils is cooked.

As soon as wink, your dish is ready. To acquire the taste of the lentil, you may use vegetables and greens or any other topping. Otherwise, you may serve it as the dressing to the main course!

Use some rosemary, salvia, celery and laurel leaf to make your dish tastier and spiced.


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