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How To Cook Patty Pan Squash

In essence a star shaped marrow is the same as vegetable marrow, but it is unusual, of a flattened shape in the form of a soup carved plate, so why not to use this “plate” for cooking of tasty baked dishes. The big star shaped marrow - overgrow differs in thicker crust and dense pulp, in comparison with young vegetable, that is why it will perfectly be suitable for roasting.

We need:

  • big star shaped marrow;
  • onion;
  • carrot;
  • garlic;
  • 2 tbsp (table spoons) of sour-cream;
  • a little cream or milk;
  • 2-3 handfuls of rice;
  • 150 gr. of cheese.

Step By Step Recipe

1. As you can see, set of products is very simple. If you have a star shaped marrow, then half-affairs is made. The vegetable have to be washed up properly under running water.

2. We begin to make a crock of it. For this we cut off top part so that it could serve us as a cover subsequently.

3. We take out pulp from a marrow. It is necessary to do it accurately not to damage thin skin. I take out pulp with a spoon. The ripe vegetable has seeds inside. We put them aside.

4. We put other pulp on a separate plate. Later it will be useful.

5. Dice onion.

6. Fry in frying pan in vegetable oil till the ruddy crust.

7. We cut carrots into small pieces or we grate it on a large grater.

8. We crush two garlic gloves.

9. We send vegetables to onions and fry to readiness.

10. We crush pulp of a star-shaped marrow.

11. And fry it in the pan with onion, carrot and garlic.

12. So that it could soak with aroma of fried vegetables.

13. We fill empty space of a marrow with the cooked mix. Before stacking a stuffing, we rub inside walls of marrow with salt.

14. We add rice. Rice will connect the liquid which appears in process of cooking and will give satiation to a dish. We add rice by eye, first of all estimating how much space is left in a star-shaped marrow.

15. We stir all ingredients properly, add some fat sour cream. It will give creamy aroma and gentle taste to the dish.

16. We add a little cream or milk so that rice has become juicier.

17. I have decided to bake a star-shaped marrow in the microwave oven. I have been using microwave oven for a long time for cooking various dishes. I love an oven for some reasons - cooks quickly, tasty and with minimum of fat. To accelerate cooking process, I wrap a marrow up in food wrap.

18. I bake vegetable of 40 minutes at the power of 600 W at a usual power.

19. During this time the marrow will bake perfectly and will become impregnated with aromas.

20. To impact even more taste, we strew grated cheese under a cover of a marrow.

21. To melt the cheese, we send the marrow to the microwave oven for a couple of minutes on the maximum power.

22. Marrow is ready. You can eat it, scoop out the contents from the top or cut into portion pieces.

23. You can serve with sauce or grated cheese.


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