Makenna Pena

How To Cook Okra

Okra (also known as “ladies’ fingers”, “ochro” or “gumbo”) is a vegetable of bright green color, which looks like a green bean or a small cucumber. Okra is oblong, tight, but soft at the same. Its skin is smooth, with small soft prickles, similar to the bloom. Inside of the vegetable there are hollow longitudinal sections, filled with soft, white, round seeds. The seeds are consumed in food.

A Recipe For Cooking Okra

The easiest way to cook okra is to make it steamed. The pods will become softer and secrete more mucus. You can add okra to ragouts, vegetable or mushroom soups. You can use it with other vegetables or cream. Wash the pods under running water.

Put okra in a steamer basket or in a sieve.

Cover with the lid and cook it on steam.

After 10-15 minutes the vegetables will darken and become soft. Take the pods out of the steamer. Let them cool down and then rub with salt. Now you can serve okra with any garnish or vegetables.


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