DIY kinetic sand

Handmade kinetic sand it’s a really cool thing. Interesting both for children and adults.It allows even in winter, even in slush and mud, have a home clean and comfortable sandbox where you can build, sculpt, design and create a variety of products from sand.Is it good for improving children's motor skills. Because the sand has the texture and feel of coarse grains is very important for children's fingers.

This is very important for the development of design skills. Kinetic sand - a very special material with special properties that need to be considered when construction of the castle, sculpture and so on.

For kinetic sand you will need:

4 parts of fine sifted sand. Suitable for aquariums sand. It is very small, clean and bright;

2 parts of corn starch;

1 part water.

Mix all ingredients in clean containers and that’s all! Sand is ready! 

You can start the game. If desired, add a few drops of dye.

If eventually the sand dries, mash it and add a little water.

There is another alternative recipe of kinetic sand:

5 servings of sand (best buy in a pet shop for rabbits or chinchillas because it is clean and small)

3 servings of flour

1 serving of vegetable oil

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl or basin and mix well. Kinetic sand ready! Easy and fast!


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