Katie Curtis

Hexagon Honeycomb Shelf

Hexagons or, to be more exact, compositions of hexagons that look like honeycombs is one of the most popular trends in the modern interiors. A modern hexagon pattern can be seen in new collections of decoration accessories and textile, in prints created by designers for furniture upholstery and wallpaper. Illuminating devices, finishing works materials, furniture and elements of architecture – this “magical” hexagon can be seen everywhere.

We suggest you also going in for this “hexagon trend” among designers and add into your interior a modern and bright decorative composition in the form of honeycombs. It will subsequently serve as shelves.


  • 12 hexagon cardboard boxes for gifts of bright colours (you can find them in a nearby gifts store);
  • a double-sided adhesive tape;
  • 12 pieces of hexagon glassy plates.

Take the caps off the gift boxes and put them aside. You’ll use them in a different project. Put the boxes on the floor so that you get the necessary form and colour combination. Take a photo of it so that to be able to check and see the necessary location of everything later on.

With the help of a double-sided adhesive tape, fix each box in the center of a glassy hexagon.

Mark the place for your future composition on the wall and get to assembling the mirrors. Start with the piece that should be in the center and move to the right and to the left from it. Do not forget to check everything with the help of the photo you took earlier.

As a result, your wall will be decorated by a unique bright and modern composition in the form of honeycombs. Hexagon cardboard boxes can also be used as shelves. However, you need to remember that you’d better not keep heavy things in them.


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