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DIY Sunny Bracelet

Bright sunny bracelet for sunny mood in autumn!

I think it looks really unusual. People will ask you what it’s made of, and you’ll be smiling cunningly.

Bracelet will fit well cool folk style or any bright clothes in any season. It looks quite funny and romantic at the same time.

So, I’m glad to share this beautiful idea with you! And this is how you can do it yourself.


  • polymer clay of few colors that could blend with each other;
  • an extruder;
  • pasta machine;
  • waxed cord of suitable colors;
  • beads (glass, crystal, wood, metal, etc.);
  • jewelry findings (to make clasps);
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • centimeter.

Mix all colors well and place them together to form a cylinder. The diameter of the cylinder should be suitable to enter the extruder. Uses a standard nozzle with set of 12 holes of average size.

Clay squeezes through a nozzle; here comes so-called ‘spaghetti’. Now you need to leave them for a day or two, depending on the clay used. Alternative for very impatients: put blanks in the freezer for 15 minutes.

After that flow our ‘spaghetti’ through the pasta machine. The main thing that strips should be not too thin, but not so thick, so that ‘ragged edge’ will appear.

Take one strip and begin spinning it spiral. Spin till the diameter is enough for you (and you’d like to wear it like a bracelet). If strip is over - take next one.

Make 2 holes in the clay circle and bake according to the instruction on the package of clay.

Measure waxed cord. The best way is to take a total length bracelet (with base and findings) of 21 cm. Better to cut too much than not enough.

Put on cords on the clay circle. Make knods on both sides. Make sure the pendant is fixed well.

Select color of beads and start stringing. When finished with one end, fix it with a thread not to spill.

Next attach jewelry findings (clasps) as it’s shown in pics.

Glue all the ends and cuts for their strength. Bracelet is ready!

Hope you’ll like it!

Make experiments with different colors, beads and pendant, so the result will amaze you and surprise everyone around!


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