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Crochet Christmas Stocking

While you’re waiting for a holiday, we suggest you crocheting a New Year stocking on your own. This detailed masterclass will help you. Even if you are not very skilled in it, you need to try it anyway. This is not complicated.

Necessary materials:

  • Red yarn (you may choose any yarn, but it shouldn’t be too thin) – 0.5 of a skein;
  • Green yarn;
  • White “grass”;
  • A crochet chosen in accordance with the thickness of the yarn.

How To Crochet A New Year Stocking

1. So, let’s start crocheting the toe first. The easiest way to do it is with the help of amigurumi loop so that there is no hole left. We wrap around our forefinger 2 rows of the thread. On the thread that is closer to you, you crochet 6 single crochets (catch them from the thread that is further). Then, pull the end of the thread. This way you’ll tightly tie a circle of 6 crochets.

2. Then, the crocheting will go along the circle rows where each row begins with a chain stitch and ends with a connective stitch. In the end of each row the number of the stitches in the row is given (in brackets). Check whether everything is right with the help of it.

  • The 1st row: we add each stitch (12);
  • The 2nd row: we add each second stitch (18);
  • The 3rd row: we add each 3rd stitch (24);
  • The 4th row: we add each 4th stitch (30).

3. 5th -14th rows: crochet single crochets (30)

4. Let’s get to crocheting the heel. In order to do it we need to divide the number of stitches in 2. In our case, there are 15 stitches.

5. We crochet 5 rows with double crochets out of 15 stitches that are under the heel. This will be the base of the heel.

6. We need to make the rear side of the heel. You may do it either with the helo of the crochet or a needle. Do it the way that is easier for you.

7. Then, we start crocheting in circles with single crochets. While doing it, we catch the sides of the heel and those 15 stitches that we made earlier. This will be an elastic band of the stocking. We crochet as many rows as we like. The length of the stocking depends on it, add a green thread to the crocheting and crochet with the help of it several stripes (rows of single crochets).

8. Once your stocking is of desired height, cut off the red and the green threads and take a white one for crocheting. We crochet in circles with the help of it several rows with single crochets.

9. Our stocking is nearly ready. Let’s make it look more New Year-like.

10. We make pompons out of the green yarn.

11. Tie them to the stocking.

12. Embroil zigzagz or pattern on it.

13. Make a loop out of red yarn with the help of chain stitches.

It’s ready! You may put sweets in the stocking and give it to your friends as a present for New Year!


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