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Crochet Baby Dress

It is very easy to crochet even for beginners. It consists of classical square yoke and racket patterned skirt. The pattern is not complicated and it is constantly repeated. This is a dress for a baby the age of whom is between 9 and 1,5 years. Here are more detailed sizes: breast girth 46-48 cm, the length of the article from the shoulders is 38 cm.

In order to make such a dress we used cotton threads with lurex (you may take either a simple cotton or a mercerized one). The main thing is that the thing is not too thin. We crocheted with the thread folded in halves and used a crochet №1,75.

Let’s crochet the yoke first. The yoke is crocheted according to the following scheme.

Scheme explanatory notes:

1. We need to make 75 chain stitches.

2. Then, we crochet 10 rows of the yoke that are the same. They are crocheted with double crochets and chain stitches. Each chain stitch of the previous row is crocheted with 2 double crochets. Between them there are 2 chain stitches. Here is what we get:

Now, let’s start working on armholes for the sleeves:

1. We need to crochet double crochets along the back until the first arc that consists of chain stitches. We need to crochet 2 dc into it.

2. Then, we crochet 7 chain stitches, miss the side part and make 2 dc into the second chain stitch of the second arc.

3. Then, we crochet the side of the yoke (the front side) with double crochets. The same we do on the other side (2 dc into the first chain stitch of the arc, 7 chain stitches and 2 dc into the second chain stitch of the arc).

4. we crochet one half of the back till the end. Here is what we get:

We need to connect the article in a circle with the help of a connective stitch. Then, we make 3 turning chain stitches and crochet the row with “windows” (double crochets and chain stitches).

We crochet the next row with double crochets:

Now, we get to crocheting the skirt. We make a connective row of single crochets and chain stitches.

Then, the pattern that consists of 3 rows will be repeated in a chess order. We crochet it till the necessary length (9-12 rows).

Explanatory note to the scheme: The first row consists of single crochets and 6 chain stitches. We crochet single crochets under each arc. Go on crocheting single crochets and 6 chain stitches.

The second row consists of DC and chain stitches. We crochet a single crochet under the arc, then, 2 chain stitches. We need to crochet 6 dc, 2 chain stitches under the next arc. We crochet a single crochet under the next arc.

The third row consists of double crochets and chain stitches, We need to crochet a double crochet and a chain stitch into each double crochet of the previous row.

Here is the pattern we have. We go on crocheting in a chess order. Such a dress may be crocheted within several days if you devote to the process 3-4 hours per day.

This is what a beautiful “zephyr - like” dress we’ll have.


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