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How To Decorate A Nursery

Decor of a nursery can be complex or simple. The main rule to stick is that you should be able to change the interior quickly at minimal cost, because kids grow so fast!

The basic rule of the nursery decor and design is the use of high quality eco-friendly finish that will serve for long years and will make a perfect background for interior changes, as children tastes are very changeable. Thus, it makes sense for parents to invest in good sound insulation of walls, floor and ceiling if necessary, high quality, durable and desirable natural flooring, as well as the design of ceiling that will please to the child even when he grows up.

Decoration Of The Walls In The Nursery

As mentioned above, the walls should be high quality. The walls should be resistible to felt pen writing and throwing the schoolbag. The perfect walls finish for a nursery is paint. Use smooth paper basis for smooth walls and texture paintable wallpapers for a texture coat.

Select neutral paint, it will facilitate the choice of accessories, textiles and furniture. Be sure to save information about your paint: manufacturer, brand, color number. Most likely, in few years you will need to repaint walls in some spots and thus buy paint. Be sure to follow this advice, if you are not intended to repaint the whole room.

Once you have created the perfect background, you can go on with embellishment. Here are a few ideas for decorating the walls in the nursery:

  • Hang posters with the child’s favorite characters. This is most inexpensive and mobile option for decorating the nursery.
  • Sticking labels and stickers. This is the easiest and effective way to decorate the nursery. Some sticker producers specialize on such things and offer the great choice of stickers for children. You can put stickers only on smooth walls. Quality stickers don’t leave traces or damage the walls when they are removed.
  • Photo wallpapers is another way to embellish the nursery. When you choose photo wallpapers, the most important thing is not overdo with color and their total area. Ideally, they shouldn’t take up more than 25-30% of the total surface of the walls. Even if they are very beautiful, the child can get bored quickly.
  • Mural painting is a classical option for decorating the nursery. However, this option requires more efforts and investment. The only con of this option is that you will be awfully sorry to paint over it. A rare mural painting can survive the period of the teenage rebellion. Read more about the design of the room for a teenager in this article.
  • Paint with the effect of a school board will be appropriate in the room of a child of any age. As it is black, it should not cover a very big area. It will be enough to paint a small area with it. The ideal place is the play area that will be soon transformed into the work area.
  • Decorating the nursery with objects associated with the child’s hobby. You can make a thematic room, depending on the interests of the child. BUT The interests should not be short-lived and they should really be chosen by the child rather than imposed by adults. If the child makes music reluctantly and only under the urge of the parents, it is not worth decorating his room with note signs and portraits of composers. Your child is sure to dislike it.
  • Another fashionable way of decorating the nursery is the use of 3D letters. You can make words out of them, for example, the name of the child, as well as decorate the wall with 3D alphabet.

Decorate The Floors And The Ceiling In The Nursery

You can decorate not only the walls, but also the ceiling and the floors. As with walls, it is not worth saving on basic things such as noise insulation and finish cover.

It is better to use natural materials to cover floors in the nursery. Thick wood or cork parquet keep warm and are pleasant for bare feet. Laminated flooring is more resistant to external influences, but it is cold and not always eco-friendly. Linoleum is very resistant, but not ecological and unpleasant to the touch. No floorings except for linoleum are waterproof, but it is perhaps the only pro of linoleum.

Cork parquet is the ideal solution for the newborn room. Cork has antibacterial properties, it does not absorb odors, it is not static. Cork itself is a good noise and heat insulation, and it’s the safest flooring for the baby, as it amortizes the shock of falling down.

In the play area are you can put rubbered rags. Firstly, they don't slip; secondly, they are waterproof; thirdly, few colorful rugs can dramatically embellish the nursery. If you teach the kid to play on a rug, you will reduce the risk of accidental hypothermia, as well as protect the flooring in the nursery in case the child suddenly pees his panties. Consequently, the size of the rug should be suitable to wash it in the washing machine or in the bathroom.

If in case of flooring, a simple pile mat is enough, the ceiling is more difficult to deal with.

You should consider the decoration of the ceiling in the nursery very seriously, in order not to face the urge to change it in few years, as the child’s tastes will change. The main thing is to find an interesting solution that will please the child for many years.

The baby is sure to like a smiley of Mickey Mouse, but in a teenager of 12 years old it will cause nothing but embarrassment. If you can't afford to renew the ceiling once in 5 years, don’t run the risk, choose a neutral design.

"Star sky" is a hit for ages. Moreover, if you put a real star map on the ceiling in the nursery, rather than randomly stick Leds, you’ll make your child get interested in astronomy and provide a great topic for discussion for long years ahead.


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