DIY Terrazzo Soap

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to share with you this awesome Soap Slices DIY from Fall For DIY. I fell in love with these cute little soaps and can’t wait to try and make them on my own. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! This soap will be a great decoration for your bathroom and good unusual present for someone you love. This pattern called Terrazzo. It is so pretty and fun because you can play with the small pieces and decide how it will look like.

Today’s supplies we will use:
- Melt and Pour Soap
- Concentrated Food Colouring
- Mailing Tube
- Small Plastic Cups
- Alcohol Spray
- Carbon Capsules (optional)
- Essential Oil (optional)

1. Put a few plastic cups on the table and add a few drops of the food colouring in each of them. Each cup should be for a different color. If you want to make a black pieces put a carbon capsule in one of the cups. Melt the soap and leave it to cool for a bit. Pour the melted soap in each cup on the half and mix it with the colouring. Put the cups into a fridge for 1-2 hours.

2. After the soaps froze take them out and cut into small uneven pieces. Spray them using alcohol spray so that the color wouldn’t seep later.

3. Put the pieces into a mailing tube. Melt a white soap and add some essential oil if you want. Pour the melted soap in the mailing tube. Put the tube into a fridge for 4+ hours. The tube should be cool when the soap is set.

4. Peel the cardboard off your soap. If you can’t peel some pieces carefully wash them with water.

5. Let it dry then 1cut into slices. Spray the slices with the alcohol spray to finish.

Now when the soap is ready wrap it for a present or leave it for yourself and enjoy. There are plenty of ways you can play with the colors and do a rainbow palette like this one, or black and white, or one color palette – anything you want! Enjoy!



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