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DIY Secret Hollow Book

A hollow book is a magnificent way to keep your values and prizes safe. Seems like it’s an ordinary thick book. But on the inside, it’s a super secret storage for letters, money, jewelry, keys cards of maybe memories. Follow this tutorial to create your own hollow book; if you have something to keep hidden.

What you’ll need:

unnecessary hardcover book



card stock

something really have (other books, furniture etc.)


knife for boxes

construction paper

Step by step:

1. Take the unnecessary old book that you’ll never mind being shut. You’ll cut it out, so be aware of the information inside.

2. Look at the first page of your book.

3. Brush a layer of glue over the first page.

4. Close the book and press down for 20-30 seconds.

5. Open up the second page, then cover it with another layer of glue.

6. Press down and hold for another 20-30 seconds.

7. Put a sheet of card stock between the previous pages.

8. Paint the sides of the book with glue. Be accurate while pouring glue on the pages. Don’t try to put thicker layer, it wouldn’t make a good effect.

9. Close the book, add weight and press down for 30 seconds.

10. Let the glue dry completely. Now open the book and cut out a section from each side.

11. Remove the unnecessary pages until the space is completely empty.

12. Fill in the empty space with glue and cover it with construction paper.

13.Let the glue dry. Finally you can fill the book with any items important for you.

14. After your book is full, keep it on a shelf among other old unnecessary books, so none reveals your secrets!

Photos by DIYready


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