5 kids party ideas for NY

If you had already decorated all the house, got a Christmas tree, costumes and treats for a New Year party, now it’s time to think what will you do with your kid for him/her to like this holiday as much as you do. Here are 5 good ideas on how to make a NY party with your kid interesting and fascinating.

1.       Try to sit with the children and think about this year – what was good and not really, what you liked in it. What would you like to take with you in the future year and what to stay. Listen to the kid – you can realize really interesting things about him/her.

2.       DIY photoshoot stuff – make it together with the kid. Funny hats, glasses and costumes – it’s so easy to make them DIY and so good for your family portrait! Bring all the clothes or materials that you had enough this year and would like not to wear in future and create together smth special!

3.       Play a quiet games! Basketball, football or even tennis could be inside the house using balloons! Also balloons could be a good way to decorate everything.

4.       Make your own version of New Year celebration music concert! Pick your child’s favorite songs and make a full concert of them. You can even catch it with a camera so another year you’ll have what to watch :)

5.       Make a small presents for every hour of your celebration. Put them in a packages and name them by the hour (18:00, 19:00 and so on). This will make your kid wait for the midnight even more :)


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