DIY toy from socks!

Cute handmade kitty can be done from such ordinary material as socks! Here's an instruction how to make it!

You need to prepare:

padding polyester or other filler,
artificial eyes for toys,
round black bead
black or gray thread floss,
needle and thread such color as socks.

1. Take socks. It is better to choose a terry - they are soft and dense enough.

2. Put the socks heels up.

3. Make the necessary cuts in socks. From scraps you can make lovely hats.

So, from the first sock with you should get two hats and cat muzzle. And from the second - the trunk and tail.

Caps will become wonderful hats for other toys. You can decorate them and use.

With needle and thread sew up the holes on the hind legs.

Fill toys with synthetic padding head and pull the thread hole. Like this:

Now, fill the body with synthetic padding paws and tail.

It remains only to make a thread of floss and beads cute mustache and paste kitty artificial eyes.


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