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Crochet Mittens

Mittens is a very nice and useful accessory, especially, considering how cold it can nowadays become. It is not hard to crochet them on your own. The model we like the most is crochet mittens connected together with a rope. They may be different (with or without cuffs, monochromic or stripped, connected with a rope or not). No matter what they are like they will be useful for both women and men. It is not only good at keeping you warm, but also at making you more beautiful.

A Step-By-Step Instruction On How To Crochet Mittens

In order to make your first mittens on your own you’d better take a thicker wool. This way it will be easier for you to understand the order of the actions. Besides, you’ll crochet the mittens faster. For example, in this masterclass we used a wool of approximately 120 m / 100g (see the section “how to choose wool”) and a crochet №6.

We need to make chain stitches. In accordance with how thick our wool is, there will be 20 chain stitches. If the wool is thicker, you need to make more chain stitches. If we are working on mittens with separate cuffs, the length of our chain should be equal to the distance between a wrist and the base of the upper finger pfalanx.

Then, we start crocheting the chain with double crochets.

We make the top round by making necessary additions (5 loops on the top).

Turn the article and crochet the next row with single crochets.

Make one more turn and, again, crochet a row of double crochets. An addition to make a rounding: 2 crochets in 1 loop (3 times). They’d better not follow each other. Miss one crochet between them.

Here you are! One half of the mitten is ready. Now, we need to crochet the second one.

Here they are – 2 absolutely identical halves.

We press them together and crochet them with single crochets. Do not forget to leave a hole for the thumb. It should approximately be 5 loops wide (however, this is individual).

Here it is. Now, we may get to crocheting cuffs.

First of all, we make a row of single crochets.

Then, there is a row of double crochets.

Then, we add a decoration (volume crochets). We finish the work symmetrically and make a reverse crab stitch.

In order to crochet the “finger” of a mitten we need to fasten the thread in the corner of the hole.

We start crocheting it in circle (with single crochets).

In order for the “finger” to be bent a little bit we make a bevel the following way: on the face side we slip one loop. On the wrong side, we add 1 loop in every row. Consequently, the number of the loops hasn’t changed.

Once you reach the necessary length, cast off and hide the thread.


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