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Crochet Baby Booties

You, actually, can crochet such like booties on your own only within 1 evening. In order to do it you’ll need yarn (a hypoallergenic acryl or wool mixture), a crochet and a bit of patience.

A Bootie Sole

You’d better crochet the sole with the help of a thread that is folded twice. This way it will be warmer for the feet. Besides, such a sole will be much more long-lasting. So, for the sizes -11 or 12, we make 14 stitch chains with the thread that is folded twice. In our case, we used acryl Kartopu Flora. Then, you need to crochet in the third stitch chain with a double crochet. In the end of the row, in the last loop of the chain there should be 6 double crochets.

The wrong side is crocheted the same way. However, there should be 5 double crochets in the last loop of the chain. With the help of a connective crochet, the article is connected in a circle. The second row is crocheted the same way. However, in the last 6th and 5th crochets there should be 2 double crochets in each of the chains of the previous row. Here is how you need to crochet the 3rd row: 12 double crochets, then, 2 double crochets in one loop, 1 double crochet (you should repeat this 5 times). This is what a sole should look like.

The second one is crocheted the same way.

Toe Of A Bootie

Now, we get to crocheting the toe of a bootie. In order to do it we need to define the center of a toe and count the same number of loops on the both sides. For example, we have 12 loops. Consequently, there will be 24 loops. Now, we need to take yarn of a different colour and crochet 24 single crochets. We do not do it by catching the edge of a loop. We catch the crochet itself.

This is what you should have in the end.

After that, you need to crochet 3 stitch chains and start crocheting the main pattern that is called “cones”. It ios simple to crochet: 5 double crochets that have shared top made in one loop. Between the “cones” there should be a stitch chain. While you are crocheting the “cones” themselves do not forget to miss one loop between them.

This is how the first row looks:

The second and the third rows are crocheted the same way as the first one is. The “cones” of the second and the third row should be located behind the chain stitch of the previous row. This is how it looks.

In the 4th row, there are no chain stitches crocheted between the “cones”. In the 5th row (the last row), you need to crochet 8 double crochets that have 1 shared top. This is how it looks.

Now we should cut off the thread and start crocheting the heel.

The Heel Of A Bootie

In order to create a heel, you need to crochet the first row using the thread of the main colour. You crochet single crochets (the same is done with the toe). Then, you need to make double crochets on the face side of the article.

There should also be single crochets on the wrong side. Do not forget that you need to connect the detail to the toe. This is the way you need to crochet until it gets high enough.

After that, you cut off the thread and crochet side details with holes for shoelaces. In order to do it you need to crochet a row of double crochets on the side of the article. You also leave spaces with the help of chain stitches (they are for the shoelaces). The second row should be crocheted with single crochets. This is what you get:

You should do the same on the other side of the article.

The Tongue Of A Bootie

After that, you crochet the tongue of a bootie. In order to do it you need to take the same thread that was used for the toe and crochet with along all its wideness (there should be 12 double crochets). It is crocheted the same way as the heel. This is what you get:

Now, once the booties are almost ready, you need to make one last thing – ties. In order to make them you need to make 120 chain stitches and pull through the shoelaces. Then, pompons are fastened. This is how the ready baby booties look.


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