Katelyn Patel

Crochet Headbands

In this article, you’ll learn about how to create a crochet headband. This technique involves basic crochet skills.

A Simple Crocheted Headband

This is a simple headband. Even those who have recently begun crocheting can create it. Start crocheting with a Tunisian crochet (it is longer), then, start using a usual one as it is mentioned. The size of the crochet depends on the size and type of yarn you’ve chosen.

1. Chose a cotton or a synthetic yarn. Use those shades of it that match your style better or use white or beige colours (probably, the colours close to these one). Chose an appropriate crochet for your yarn.

2. Start working by making 16 chain stitches.

3. The first row: Put the crochet into the second (if you count from the side of the crochet) chain stitch. Get the yarn through it. Repeat what you’ve just done by putting the crochet into the next chain stich and get yarn through it. Repeat your actions until the end of the first row.

4. The second row: Yarn over. Then, get it through the loop on the crochet. Repeat the action “yarn over” and get it through 2 loops on the crochet. Continue doing the same till the end of the second row.

5. The third row: get the crochet through the horizontal loop that is behind the second vertical loop of the previous row. Get the yarn through it. Once again, get the crochet through the horizontal loop of the following vertical loop and get yarn through it. Keep on doing this till the end of the third row.

  • Go on repeating the second and the third rows until the article reaches the desired length. Finish your article with crocheting a row according to the way the second row is crocheted.

6. The fourth row: Start crocheting with a usual crochet of a medium size (English crochet № 3, American crochet № 8, French crochet № 12 or 1.25 mm.). Make a double crochet (dc) in each horizontal loop behind the vertical loop of the previous row and 3 dc in the last loop (corner).

7. Crochet the edges. Work along the sides of the headband so that the right side is up. Connect the thread with the central dc in the corner.

8. The first row: make 1 dc. In the same connection area, repeat 4 chain stitches and miss 3 dc in the following dc.

9. The second row: make 1 slip stitch (csl. st) in the first loop, 1 dc in the same loop and 1 chain stitch. Do the same with the next loop (1 csl. st, 1 dc and 1 chain stitch). You do it 6 times. Once you’re finished, make 1 dc in the next loop and 1 stitch chain. Go on doing it till the end of the row.

10. The third row: make 1 dc in the first chain stitch. Do the same with the following 2 stitch chains. Make 1 dc in the next loop. Make 3 stitch chains and 1 csl. st in the last dc. Also make 1 dc. Make 1 dc in each of the next four loops’ areas.

11. Put the headband on the ironing board. Put a face towel on it. Iron it. Make sure that the temperature is appropriate for the yarn.

12. Stitch a ribbon to the backside of the headband. This way it will be easier for you to put it on.

13. Stitch together the elastic thin edges. By doing so, it will beeasier for you to put it on and off.


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