Juliana Hunt

How To Crochet An Infinity Scarf

You may use the crochet № 4.5 and two raps 50 g. (composition: wool, acryl, bamboo).

Cast on a chain of odd number of loops equal to the desired scarf’s length (here’s the scarf 110 cm long). Close it to the ring and crochet four chain stitches for the ascent.

*Then pass the crotchet through every second loop.

Capture the thread and crochet three chain stitches.

Then crochet the third loop (pass) through the loop on the crotchet.

1 chain stitch**. Check the pattern area from * to**.

Keep knitting the scarf spirally drawing the crotchet through the chain stitches of the previous row.

That seems to be it. Easy as that. It is just unbelievable that the knitting is almost all about the chain stitches.

Here’s a crocheted wrap scarf.


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