Lila Payne

Crochet Pillow

Generally, crocheting pillows is an exciting and creative process. In the process of work you may add several elements that may make your pillow more interesting and thematic-like. In this our article, we used sea patterns.

In order to create a pillowcase for the pillow we’ll need the following materials and instruments:

  • a pillow;
  • yarn of three colours – white, dark beige and turquoise;
  • crochets of different sizes;
  • wooden beads.

With the help of a crochet, we make 4 chain stitches and connect the chain in a circle.

Then, 4 chain stitches, 3 double crochets (DC). We make them onto the circle of chain stitches.

After that, 2 chain stitches and, again, 3 dc. We go on repeating this. Overall, we should have 4 sets of 3 dc and 2 chain stitches.

In the end, we connect what we have with a connective crochet. We repeat, once again, 4 chain stitches. Then, we make 3 dc into the first arc.

After that, we make 1 chain stitch. Then, 3 dc and 2 chain stitches and, once again, 3 dc into the first arc. After that, we go on repeating this. In the corner, between the sets of 3 dc, we need to make 2 chain stitches. Between the sets of 3 dc on the opposite side of the square, we need to make 1 chain stitch.

The third row is crocheted the same way.

Then, we add a new, turquoise colour.

We crochet 2 rows with a turquoise colour. Then, we take a dark beige thread.

We crochet 2 rows with the help of it. Then, once again, we take a turquoise thread.

After it, we take a white thread. You’d better cut off the thread when you start using a new one in the process of work. With the help of each new colour, we make 2 rows. We crochet the end of the thread into the base of the article crocheted with double crochets.

Once again, we crochet 2 rows of double crochets according to the given scheme. After that, we take a beige thread once again.

Then, we crochet 2 rows using the following colours – turquoise, dark beige, turquoise.

After that, we take a white thread once again.

We finish the article with crocheting 2 rows with the help of a turquoise thread. This is the way the wrong side of the article looks in the process of work.

The second half of the pillowcase is crocheted according to a different colour scheme with the help of the given yarn colours (or the ones you choose).

The rows of white colour stay where they are. However, turquoise and dark beige rows change places with each other.

Then, we start connecting the 2 halves of the future pillow. In order to do this we’ll need white yarn and 2 wooden beads.

We crochet a chain of chain stitches with the help of white yarn. The length should be equal to the length of all 4 pillow sides plus a little bit longer in order to tie a bow once we connect it.

We connect the wrong sides of the two pillowcase halves. We get a string of chain stitches through the arcs in the corner. We do it so that the middle of it is in the arcs.

Then, we get the string in both sides spirally with the help of a crochet. This way we connect 2 sides of a future pillowcase.

In the end, there are 2 ends if the string left.

We fix wooden beads on the ends of the string and tie them in a bow.


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